Family Programs

It has been said that “addiction is a family disease.”

Family & Supportive Others Group Programs

This program includes both didactic and process groups to educate family and concerned others about the disease of addiction, boundaries, tough love and other salient topics. This education is essential for affected others to begin their own recovery process.

An experienced licensed counselor who educates about addiction dynamics facilitates weekly family groups.

Family Group Details:
– Thursdays from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.
– Groups consist of 12 individuals.
– Register at the front desk, or by calling 509.328.5234.
– Admission is not based on blood relation, but on whether or not the person has lived with, loved, or cared for an alcoholic or addict.

Family Education & More

After years of working in the addiction field we can attest to the important role family plays in a recovering addict’s life.  Over twenty years of addiction research validates our experience and has determined successful treatment of an addicted person ideally includes the education of family members. Just as the disease of addiction causes dysfunctional behaviors in the addict, so too does it have psychological, emotional and spiritual effects on family members. At first the family commonly denies the reality of the disease. Then family members unintentionally enable the progression of the illness. Finally, the family might fall into an attitude of hopelessness of ever effecting any positive change in the addicted person.

Family members sometimes exhibit somatic disorders in relation to a loved one’s addiction. These might include heightened anxiety, stress, and depression. Historically, treatment focused only on the addicted person. However, addiction researchers Weg Scheider, Black, et al., have conclusively demonstrated that untreated family members continue to suffer the effects of living with the disease. Further, family members who are educated and work a recovery program provide a highly encouraging atmosphere for recovering alcoholics and addicts.