Alcohol Rehab

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Riverside Recovery Alcohol Rehab

Different people have different reasons for finally making the decision to enter alcohol rehab. For some, it’s the realization that they can no longer give other priorities the time and devotion they require. For others, it doesn’t come until after they lose everything that matters to them. Often, it takes the realization that their addiction has control over them; not the other way around. They have to see that alcohol treatment is the only way that things can get better.

Assessment and Consultation

Getting started with alcohol treatment programs begins with an expert assessment of the individual’s situation and their health.  Once the addiction expert determines the factors of the person’s addiction, they will decide what types of alcohol addiction treatment will work best for them.

During consultations, the person considering alcohol rehab for themselves or a loved one will get answers to their questions. It’s an opportunity to explore different treatment options, and what the potential risks of treatment might be.

Some of the goals of alcohol treatment are to help the person manage their cravings, avoid social situations that lead to relapse, and to identify and cope with their personal triggers. Drinking alcohol is a socially acceptable behavior. Every person who engages it won’t become addicted. For those who do, understanding the causes of their addiction and how to treat them is essential for a successful alcohol rehab.


Detox is the first step in treating alcoholism. During this period, all of the alcohol is flushed from the person’s body. From the time detox starts, it usually takes anywhere from one to two weeks before withdrawal symptoms subside. The length of time and the amount of alcohol normally used can result in a longer detox period.

Intensive Outpatient

There are multiple benefits to intensive outpatient services in comparison to inpatient treatment. It allows people to keep working so they can support themselves and their family. It also makes it possible to keep up other responsibilities. It simply isn’t realistic for some people to consider putting their jobs or families on hold while they attend an alcohol recovery program. Intensive outpatient treatment also costs less and allows participants to get the help they need from their closes friends and family members.


Alcohol rehab isn’t the same experience for everyone. Each individual has a unique story about how they got where they are today. Through intensive outpatient treatment, they can learn the factors that led to their addiction. In turn, that provides them with the skills to identify their personal triggers and the skills to stay alcohol-free.

Group Counseling

Addiction isn’t something that happens to an individual. It affects every person in their lives. Through group counseling, family members and friends learn about addiction and what their loved one’s actions mean. They learn to be a better support system to help them in their continuing road to recovery.

Group counseling also provides a resource for the addict. It gives them the chance to talk with others and listen to their stories of addiction. Nothing impacts a person’s ability to succeed from their alcohol rehab more than getting past the fear of isolation. They aren’t the only one going through the same struggle. Group counseling allows them to build a strong network of friends and family who genuinely want their loved one to succeed.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, contact Riverside Recovery Center today.  We offer a complimentary consultation to help you understand the level of your addiction and your treatment options. There is a better way to get through alcohol rehab and start your new life without the restraints of alcohol dependency.