Clients who self admit into treatment are at the highest level of motivation.  Their desire to cease using mind-or-mood-altering-drugs and amenability towards change is unique and should be treated as such.  Typical treatment practice is to group patients of various levels of motivation into the same recovery programs.  Consequently, self-admitted patients end up discouraged because they are surrounded by disgruntled and unmotivated patients biding their time in treatment to fulfill legal requirements.

Riverside Recovery Center has created a self-motivated program to ensure that each self admitted patient gets the appropriate care in a like-minded setting. A combination of individual counseling and carefully placed recovery groups assist patients to work through issues that may directly contribute to their drug use while learning about negative biopsychosocial impairments due to chemical dependency.  Peer to peer networking is a vital component to sobriety, one that should not be underestimated nor underutilized.  Placing people with similar levels of motivation together can help bolster their resolve toward living happier and more productive lives in sobriety.

If you are tired of negative consequences associated with drinking or using give us a call so we can schedule a consultation and get you on the road to recovery.