Opioid Addiction Treatment

opioid addiction treatment

As Spokane’s top opioid addiction treatment center, we understand the most common path to opiate abuse.

Many prescription drug addictions start out harmless. A patient is assigned medication for pain maintenance after surgery or a broken bone.  However, after initial pain alleviation, many patients find themselves needing more of the medication for the original desired effect, a phenomenon known as tolerance. 

Unfortunately, as tolerance increases — withdrawal symptoms and the likelihood of substance abuse or dependency increases as well — especially for those with a biogenetic predisposition.

What begins as innocent pain relief gradually turns into a vicious cycle of prescription drug abuse. Wherein, an individual repeatedly pays bio-psycho-socially and financially in order to avoid withdrawal, experience the high associated with a prescription drug, and feel a sense of normalcy again.

An addicted individual with a “hijacked brain” may end up partaking in illicit behavior(s) otherwise foreign to them in order to procure their drug(s) of choice. Thus, beyond the financial and physical burdens, is the enormity of psychological and emotional pain associated with guilt and shame.

In 1957, the American Medical Association (AMA) classified addiction as a treatable disease. It is chronic, progressive and if untreated, fatal.  Despite the AMA’s declaration more than a half-century ago, many people believe that addiction is a personal choice and thus an inability to cease using mood-or-mind-altering-chemicals demonstrates a lack of character and willpower.

Judgments regarding the supposed moral failure within an addict lead to little help being offered within society.  The sad reality is without proper medical detoxification and social support, a chemically dependent person can go months or even years with a tormented body and psyche and may never reach their full potential in living a happy and productive life.

We at Riverside Recovery Center realize the negative stigma that can be attached to an addict.  Acknowledging the AMA finding that addiction is a treatable disease, we adhere to treating a patient biopsychosocially with care and dignity.  Our holistic approach to prescription drug addiction is curriculum covering: cravings, post acute withdrawal / change in perspective, and relapse prevention.

If you’ve developed a dependency on Opioids, call today for a confidential consultation. A treatment specialist is awaiting your call. Take the first step towards regaining control of your life and contact us today.