Outpatient Programs

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Since 1994, Riverside Recovery Center has offered progressive programs tailored to help each patient recover from substance abuse or addiction and put their lives back together. We directly address physical and psychological elements of chemical dependency, and the defeating beliefs that accompany addiction. We recognize addiction is often a family issue, we offer Family Programs to help those who support someone in recovery.

We offer treatment for the following addictions: alcohol, amphetamines, benzodiazepine, cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants, nicotine/tobacco, cannabis/marijuana, synthetics (such as K2, spice, etc.), methamphetamine (meth), sedatives, and opiates/opioids (or any synthetic derivative).

Assessments and Treatment

Components Offered
Riverside offers a comprehensive suite of specialized substance abuse or addiction treatment programs including Adolescent, Self-Referred, and Family / Significant Others.  Adult and adolescent inpatient treatment is available through our unique partnership with the widely-acclaimed Riverside-Milam Recovery Centers in Kirkland, Washington.  Our convenient outpatient programs run 7 days a week and offer day and night sessions.  Our stand alone facility has ample parking and is conveniently located near major bus routes.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs
Education and support for those who have problems with alcohol or drugs who do not meet the criteria for a dependency diagnosis.  Intensity of treatment is determined after an assessment.

Deferred Prosecution
We have over 20 years experience working with attorneys and the Criminal Justice System for DUI offenses.  Our program meets all state guidelines for those under deferred prosecution in Washington State.

Evaluations and Assessment
Performed in a timely manner for diagnostic purposes.

Family and Significant Others Program
Seminar and ongoing process /education groups.   Seminar topics include the disease concept, co-dependency, and family systems theory. The ongoing process and education groups expound on seminar topics and provide family and significant others the opportunity to openly express themselves with an understanding audience and experienced counselor.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Education and group counseling for those diagnosed as alcohol or drug dependent.

Suboxone / Subutex: Medically Managed Prescription Drug Addiction Program
Specialized and exclusive groups for those desiring to come off the emotionally and financially taxing roller-coaster of prescription drug or other opiate / opioid dependency.

Relapse Prevention Programs
Individualized treatment for prevention of continued alcohol/drug use.

Self-Referred Program
Designed for self-admitted clients without legal issues or interference.

Inpatient Treatment
Available through our unique partnership with Riverside-Milam Recovery Centers in Kirkland, WA, recognized as one of the top 10 inpatient treatment centers by the Oprah Winfrey Show. Cost of treatment includes inpatient care for adults or adolescents, assessment, and roundtrip airfare.

We have additional inpatient centers to which we refer as well if indicated (e.g., gender specific, medically managed component, certain geographic need, etc.).

Payment Plans
We work with health insurance companies and provide flexible payment plans including major credit cards, as well as classic Medicaid and Washington Apple Healthcare.